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WordPress Packages

If you’ve ever struggled to make what should be simple changes to your website, you need WordPress. In the past, you’d have to know how to set up WordPress and configure it with the Amazing System all on your own. Not anymore!!! We’re super excited to finally be offering WordPress setups for Amazing System members. Whether you want a full website and SEO makeover or just an easy way to make sharp looking e-promo-kits, we got you covered in a way no other “web designer” can. You see, most web designers you would hire on Guru or Elance don’t know how the Amazing System works.

One of the biggest challenges of hiring a web designer is communicating what you want him/her to do. And when it comes to the Amazing System, that can be even more challenging since their not already familiar with what we’re trying to accomplish. We take that away that disconnect. When you have us set up your WordPress for you, we set it up to work perfectly with your Amazing System!

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  • No need to deal with going into your hosting account to setup wordpress, plugins, themes, settings, etc.
  • No dealing with compatibility issues with themes and plugins. Everything we set up has already been thoroughly tested to work together
  • Get the latest features of both WordPress and the Amazing System, without any of the hard work or learning curve
  • No being the “middle man” between your webmaster and us – we take care of everything in an integrated, all for one fashion


[ez_box title=”E-Promo-Kit Only Package” color=”blue”]

If you’re not ready to change your whole website over to WordPress but still want to be able to make and edit e-promo-kits quickly and easily, this is the package for you. With this package, you’ll be able to create unlimited e-promo-kits, which you can set up as an automated instant price quote or only when you decide to send it. You can do things like: [list style=”arrowblue2″]

  • Pronoun swapping (i.e. use female pronouns in copy if info for a girl is requested)
  • Picture swapping (i.e. show a picture of a boy if boy info is requested; show picture of a girl if info for a girl is requested, etc.)
  • Variable Pricing (Set up price zones that will automatically display the correct price to the prospect based on your specifications)
  • Unlimited e-promo-kits – one or hundred, there’s no additional charge for adding e-promo-kits
  • My Premium Plugins (value $295) – These are my favorite and preferred plugins that you get hooked up so you can maximize the power of your WordPress
  • Works in conjunction with classic HTML websites. Even if your website is not on WordPress, we can still send people into your e-promo-kit easily
  • Optional booking form at the bottom of the e-promo-kit that allows interested prospects to request the booking right from your e-promo-kit page.

E-promo-kit Demo 1

E-promo-kit Demo 2

E-promo-kit Demo 3

 [ez_big_btn color=”yellow” url=”″ target=”_self” circle=”yes”]$495 – Order Now![/ez_big_btn]

[/ez_box] [ez_box title=”Standard Package” color=”blue”]

Get all of the features of above unlimited e-promo-kits package plus…

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  • Upgrade your entire site to WordPress. Finally you’ll be able to easily edit any page on your website without any special software or knowing HTML code
  • Update your website pages and e-promo-kits from your smartphone with the WordPress app
  • Boost credibility with a modern looking and functioning site for 2013
  • You’ll get the premium “Velocial” WordPress Theme setup and customized for you ($97 value)
  • Amazing System upgraded with the latest features

Your website can look like these…

Website Demo 1
Website Demo 2

[ez_big_btn color=”yellow” url=”″ target=”_self” circle=”yes”]$795 – Order Now![/ez_big_btn] [/ez_box] [ez_box title=”Premium SEO Package” color=”blue”]

With this package, you get everything in the above two packages.

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  • Google analytics account created and configured with your new website
  • See exactly where your traffic is coming from, what they’re searching to find you, what area their in, etc.
  • Creation of local SEO friendly landing pages based on the communities you serve!

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I’m loving my new and improved WordPress based website that I got from David Farr!
David hooked me up with some of his fantastic plug-ins that allow me to quickly and easily upload and edit my video and image media.
He also of course integrated all his Amazing System e-promo kit pages custom tailored to me which work in conjunction with the 1Shop auto-responders seamlessly.
What’s great is how easy it is to edit everything.  Even add or change around the page menus.  As I am new to WordPress, whenever I had questions on how to edit something, David is always an e-mail question away to an editing solution.  The e-promo pages are a snap to edit as they are no longer in 1Shop.  And there is only one page to edit for the three different types of clients (boy, girl, multiple kids), whereas before there were three different pages to have to edit and maintain.  David somehow custom designed the code to accommodate all scenarios in one page!
I can even edit on the fly on my iPhone.  Just log in and I’m in.
I purchased David’s proprietary WordPress theme which is very user friendly, a nice clean look, and has a nice slide show image header as well as a straightforward template to work with.
A bonus for me was the Payments Page.  Great how he was able to set up a menu page that allows customers to enter payments through PayPal that link to my e-mail username PayPal account.

What’s great about this is that since my show packages vary in price, the deposit and balances due aren’t always the same.  Customers simply enter the deposit and/or balance amount agreed upon once they get into my PayPal account link through the Online Payments page on my new site.
Lots of great bells and whistles on David’s wp site and very user friendly.  And being that it’s David’s means you’ve got unlimited support which is worth the price of admission!

Rober –


Here’s a quick comparison between the different packages we’re offering…

[pricetable style=”b” standardtext=”E-Promo-Kit” protext=”Premium SEO” premiumtext=”Standard” text27=”$495″ text37=”$1295″ text67=”$795″ permonth1=”one time investment” permonth2=”one time investment” permonth3=”one time investment” point1=”Unlimited e-promo-kits” point2=”Works with HTML sites” point3=”Variable Pricing” point4=”Smartphone Editing” point5=”” point6=”SEO Plugin” point7=”Local Landing Pages” point8=”Google Analytics” point9=”plus everything in standard” point10=”and e-promo-kit packages” point11=”Great looking site” point12=”Easy to edit” point13=”Unlimited pages & epk’s” point14=”Latest AS Features” point15=”Get My Premium Plugins ” buttonurl1=”″ buttonurl2=”″ buttonurl3=”″ linkwindow1=”_self” linkwindow2=”_self” linkwindow3=”_self”]

*Requirements: The only requirements are that you have your own hosting account and domain name! If not, we will help you set that up with a provider such as GoDaddy. You pay this directly to your hosting provider, not us!