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Have David guide you to your Internet Success

Black Friday 2022 Private Coaching Sale! Over 50% off!!!

Get Your Private Coaching Now! Special pricing ends Nov 28th at 11:59PM.

Get Your Private Coaching Now! Special pricing ends November 28th, 2022.

Done with you!

I can help you learn how to do it or just do it for you! I’ll hold your hand whether it’s something with your Amazing System, WordPress/Divi, Google or anything internet marketing related.

Saves You Time!

I’m not bragging when I say this but typically something you and I do together in an hour, takes most people several hours and lots of painful frustration to try and do on their own. Who needs that kind of stress?

Helped Hundreds

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of helping literally hundreds of entertainers navigate through the overwhelming internet marketing landscape. Why do it on your own when you don’t have to!

If you’re ready to leap frog your way to online success, this is your chance to have me personally hold your hand along the way.

On our private coaching calls together, we can:

  • Create Instant Price Quote forms that lead directly to your e-promo-kit.
  • Work with Divi and WordPress
  • Review your current sales funnel and look for ways to make it more profitable and efficient
  • Create and tweak your e-promo-kits to optimize for higher conversion rates
  • Test and modify autoresponder campaigns and implement the latest AS features
  • Integrate “Smart Links” into your funnels and autoresponder campaigns
  • Create/tweak your Google AdWords campaigns
  • Setup fancy scripts like the auto-capitalization, dynamic dropdowns, use above address and more
  • Location Based Pricing, which makes sure the prospect gets an accurate quote based on the location of the event (either as an Instant Price Quote or sent manually by using price zones)
  • Website maintenance including scanning for viruses, running updates and setting up automatic backup systems to ensure you never lose your site to a crash or hacking.
  • Setup and analyze Google analytics.
  • And anything else internet marketing related
  • Implement the latest SEO strategies

Best Deal I Offer!

During this special Black Friday offer, you can snag one of three private coaching packages that are actually even less than what we’ve offered for any other special. Don’t procrastinate on this. The time is now to work together so we can accomplish your goals and you save money, time and will earn more money from the bookings strong online marketing will yield you.

Easily Schedule our Private Coaching Time Using our online scheduling system!

It’s as easy clicking on the date you’re interested in and selecting your preferred time! Christina shortly thereafter will send you the meeting details of our private coaching session. Super simple!

What our customers are saying

David Farr’s coaching is priceless. He was able to accomplish in 1-hour what would take me AT LEAST 5-full days on my own!
Chad Chesmark

Cruise Ship Entertainer

Black Friday Special Offer ends Monday, November 28th at 11:59PM CST










Question: Are these coaching and consulting sessions with other people like the Inner Circle?


No! It’s just you and me through GoToMeeting.


Question: Do I need to be at my computer to join the meeting?


Yes, it is best to be at your computer so we can show each other items of interest. You can speak through your computer or the telephone.


Question: Are the sessions recorded?


Due to privacy concerns we don’t automaically record every session but if you’d like, simply request it to be recorded and we’ll provide you the video link after our meeting.


Question: Are there any restrictions on when these coaching hours can be used?


Yes, since this is a Black Friday promotion and the deals are so incredibly good, all coaching hours purchased through this offer must be used by November 30, 2023.


Question: Do I have to do any “work” on these coaching calls?


The only work we’ll need from you is knowing what it is you want to accomplish. But even if you’re feeling a little intimidated and overwhelmed and aren’t sure what to work on, we’ll figure that out together when we review and create your overall internet marketing game plan.

Stop wasting time struggling to “keep up” with internet marketing!

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