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Smart Links demo activated

Mission Accomplished !

Your Smart Links demo has begun!

[ez_youtube url=”″ width=”640″ height=”360″ autoplay=”1″ autohide=”2″ controls=”1″]

3 Things just happened right now (with a single click)!

  1. I was notified that you clicked to begin the demo (this makes me proud) Smile
  2. You were subscribed to a new autoresponder campaign (it’s purpose to get you click the link to view my e-promo-kit). The first email is on its way to you at . If you don’t view my e-promo-kit, you’ll get an email the next day asking if everything is okay.
  3. You were tagged on my tag in 1Shop called “AS smart link demo” (which allows me to very easily find who has clicked and who hasn’t inside the contacts management area)

Check your email and look for my email with a subject line of:
, the information you requested

Once you click the link, the “pre-click” phase will end and the”post-click” phase will begin!  If you don’t click the link, there will be follow ups sent to you based on the fact we know you haven’t seen the info yet. Once you do click my link to view my e-promo-kit, you’ll be sent what appears to be an email from my smartphone with me touching base “real quick”. Give it a few more days and check out my follow-up that you will receive!

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