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GigMasters Unfair Advantage

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Dear friend

The internet has changed the way we advertise and book gigs. It can be overwhelming trying to keep up with the latest and greatest places to invest your money can’t it? I mean there’s Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization, Cold Emailing, Online Directories, local websites, Facebook ads, the list goes on and on.

It seems like every other week we’re emailed offers to join the latest and greatest directory site that promises the world to us. The problem is, many of these new directories will never get enough traffic to get going and pretty much is a waste of your time and money.

gigmasters-logoGigMasters however is different! GigMasters has been around for over 16 years, which in internet time is very substantial. They started out as a directory for bands and musicians only. In the early 2000’s, they opened up to other entertainers and variety performers.

Now, it’s the grand daddy of all the online directories for performers in North America. 34,000 gigs booked in 2012… a total of [hilight color=”FFFF00″]$19 million in bookings[/hilight] for it’s members. How are they so successful?

It’s simple. They have great SEO!

They come up very high on most searches and once prospects get into their system, they typically book with a GigMasters act. Why fight ’em when you can join ’em? Here’s a random search I did for “Texas magicians” and GigMasters was the 2nd search result listed:

2 listing

Did you get your slice of that $19 million Last year?

Many performers have GigMasters accounts already but most aren’t milking it to it’s fullest potential. Why is that I wonder? Just like any advertising opportunity, there are many variables that can come into play that determine if it will be successful for you.

At first, GigMasters can be a little overwhelming to set up. There are many options and settings. It’s also kind of a race to respond to leads between you and your competitors. This  is where the Amazing System comes in. GigMasters recently did a study on all of their members and some shocking things were discovered. The biggest being…

[hilight color=”FFFF00″]The Average Lead Response Time of GigMasters Vendors Was Just Shy Of 25 Hours![/hilight]

You read that correctly! 25 hours is the average response time from vendors on GigMasters. Now add to that the average lead is sent to multiple GigMasters vendors, making it even more important to respond quick. I mean, if a prospect requests information for an event, and before you can respond, they’ve already heard back from 3 other entertainers and viewed their info. What are the chances they have already booked someone else before you even respond to them?

And even if they haven’t officially “booked” someone else, they may have in their minds. It’s kinda like voting, many voters have their minds made up from the very beginning even though they don’t officially cast the ballot for months.

[kc_heading_pac_1_headline_sub size=”50″ color=”#000″ ]Discover the 1-2-3 formula for booking gigs with GigMasters[/kc_heading_pac_1_headline_sub]
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  • Attract potential clients with your optimized GigMasters profile
  • Import lead info into your Amazing System
  • Send them your e-promo-kit and follow up campaign

The problem is most performers don’t know the proper ways to optimize and enhance their GigMasters profile, they don’t take the time to pro-actively market to the prospect outside of GigMasters and don’t understand how the GigMasters algorithm works.

GigMasters has a secret algorithm like Google?

As your prospect searches for entertainers inside GigMasters, the search results are displayed in a certain order based on their algorithym, just like Google does with it’s search results. Unlike with Google AdWords though, you can’t just pay more to be at the top.

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[hilight color=”FFFF00″]The GigMasters Unfair Advantage Underground Training & Tool[/hilight]

This February 13th, we will be having a private training webinar where I will be covering all of this and more:

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  • The correct way to use GigMasters
  • What every performer must know before creating their profile
  • Avoid the 5 most common mistakes that can hurt your conversions
  • A simple technique for knowing how interested your lead is in what you offer
  • 3 facts you must understand about the GigMasters algorithm
  • a complete walk through of the GigMasters interface

And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

And yes there will be a replay made available for those who aren’t able to make it. Also our goal is to have everyone’s Unfair Advantage Tool setup before we meet up for the live training. We can’t guarantee that but is definitely the plan as of now.

What everyone is talking about is the new GigMasters Unfair Advantage tool that allows you to literally export your GigMasters leads directly into your Amazing System, from where you can send an e-promo-kit with one button. All in under ten seconds. So not only are you being smart with using your Amazing System to help convert your GigMasters leads but you’re doing it in very fast and effective way.

great_scottOur friend “Great Scott”, actually puts this together for each member. Once you sign up, we’ll send you a quick questionnaire that you’ll submit to Scott so he can get started setting this up for you. Each one he does by hand and will be setup on a first come first serve basis.

Gigmasters is a great source of leads but it’s up to you to do your magic and convert them into booking customers. The Amazing System and this tool will allow you to do that faster and easier than ever before. The Unfair Advantage tool will:

[list style=”blue-check-3″]
  • Make responding to leads quick & easy
  • Eliminate any chance of human error. Every client detail is copied into your system with 100% accuracy
  • Work on both Macs & PCs
  • Free updates for one year!

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This looks amazing? What is it going to cost to get me hooked up?

So let’s talk about the value of what you’re getting. This is an amazing tool and a complete training course on how to become a GigMasters booking machine. The course itself I could easily sell for $197 on it’s own. It’ll be that good. But let’s forget about that for now and talk about the tool itself again.

To have something like this designed for yourself [hilight color=”FFFF00″]you’d easily spend $250 – $500 having a developer set this up for you[/hilight]. That’s not to mention all the time and energy you’d have to invest in finding a reliable developer that understands what the heck it is you want to do.

We’ll forget about all of the trial and error involved and how frustrating that can be and just focus on the dollars alone. Let’s go on the low end of hiring a developer so we’ll say $250 to set that up. Plus you want to know the most effective ways of using this tool and GigMasters in general.

[ez_box title=”Let’s add all of this up!” color=”orange”]

Private underground GigMasters training… $197 (easily)

Having a designer set up a one click importer tool…$250 (on the low end)

That’s a total of $447


Now we’re not going to charge you $447 although we easily could because it would be highly worth it! I mean, all it would take is booking 1-2 extra shows for your investment to pay for itself.

We’re not even going to charge $295 for this package although this would be one helluva deal for sure!

Nope! Your investment for the GigMasters Unfair Advantage [hilight color=”FFFF00″]Tool and Training is only $187[/hilight]

If you book one show, it’ll most likely pay for this entire training and tool. If you book two shows, it will cover the cost of your GigMasters membership for the year! You’ve got nothing to lose and nothing but time and bookings to gain!

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Join us for this exclusive underground GigMasters training and Unfair Advantage Tool before February 8th and save an extra $40 bringing your one time investment down to only $147